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Lucy Wallace is the former owner of Alchemy of Movement and has been teaching SoulSweat since 2007. Her classes are challenging, from a cardio perspective but you will forget that as you are inspired to express yourself through movement - SoulSweat is not about exercise - it is about JOY and VITALITY! Getting a great workout is a byproduct of the beauty you will experience in your body and heart!


At Alchemy, we celebrate the JOY of movement, the beauty of choreography and music and the feelings that emerge as a result of letting GO!


Lucy Wallace received her Master's degree in Psychology in '09 which adds to the depth of her classes, making them a rich, emotional experience!

"“With so much on my mind… instead of finding a specific something I needed to work on… like letting go, breathing or even voice… I decided to TRUST the movement. Let it fill the gaps. Let it seep into all the places that are needed at this moment. No need to figure it out or find the perfect focus. Trust that the dance will go exactly where it’s needed. And I loved it!” "

"“I first went here for some exercise and to have fun. You will definitely get a good workout, while having fun too! Alchemy is SO much more than that. It’s a place where you will naturally become absorbed in your personal movement experience; all self-consciousness and worry gets left outside the door!! You will not be disappointed!”"