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4 Private Lessons with nobody watching but ME and arranged according to your schedule! Whether covering Bellydance basics, working on advanced technique or creating original choreography, this package is designed especially for YOU and your dance goals! Need a Bellydance Fitness Personal Trainer? We can do that too! Celebrating over 20 years of Belly Dance! Includes unlimited email support, Live Chat on Facebook AND all videos of your recorded classes PLUS bonus videos! Mariah: Belly Dancer of the Year Grand Dancer 2013, Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive Guest Teacher/Pro Performer 2014-2015

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Whether on stage or instructing students, Mariah is the consummate professional... always representing the ancient Art of Raqs Sharqi (aka Bellydance) with tremendous skill and sheer entertainment.

Multi-Award-Winning Performer Mariah is a world class artist, teacher, and dancer that infuses energy and passion into her performances, choreography, and dance lessons. Jewel of the Sierra 2011 1st Place Winner in both Live Band and Diva Professional Categories. Belly Dancer of the Year 2012 First Runner Up Grand Dancer, Midwest Dance Competition Overall Winner 2013 with 1st Place in Dance Oriental, Improvisation and American Cabaret. Belly Dancer of the Year 2013 2nd Runner-Up and Winner Grand Belly Dancer of the Year! 2014-2015 Mariah was chosen as a guest workshop instructor and performer at the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive & Festival.

Born and raised is Akron, Ohio, USA, Mariah (birth name Maria Parasson) is proud of her Greek/Italian heritage. Her family owns Parasson's Italian Restaurants located in Akron, Barberton, and Stow, Ohio. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern culture, music, food, and dance have always been part of her life.

Along with teaching and performing, Mariah is also a Fine Artist. She graduated from Ohio University with her Bachelor of Fine Arts and is working on her Master degree in Painting. Both her dance and art careers keep her very busy. Her life is full of love and dedication to her family, friends, students, and colleagues.

After teaching bellydance for Habeeba's in Columbus, Ohio from 1997-2007, Mariah decided to move back north. She opened her school Belly Dance by Mariah Studio in January of 2010. Classes are offered to students of all levels, body types, and ages at her downtown Canton Arts District studio. She also teaches specialty classes in Naples, Florida several weeks out of the year as well as bellydance workshops worldwide. Teaching literally thousands of students over the course of 20 years, Mariah is thrilled to reach even more here online!

Please visit website for class, workshop, seminar, competition coaching/judging, troupe or solo performances and all other booking information.


Celebrating 20 years of Bellydance!


Bachelor Of Fine Arts / Master of Fine Arts candidate

""Hugs to u ; ) just wanted to thank you for being such a dance inspiration and to share this story... While I was vacationing in Hilton Head my mother asked me to perform for a group of 30 or so at a party, of course I told her yes and during the time I was getting dressed for the "show", I broke down and started crying ; I'm not sure why I was crying because I had never done that before a show, usually I have nervous excitement but a good excitement, never crying.. my mother came in to check on me and see if I needed help with anything, when she seen me in tears she asked if I wanted her to go out and tell everyone that I wasn't going to dance... at that time I was reaching in my bag for my zills and your business card (which I keep with me) fell out on the vanity.. I just smiled and told my mother "no, you can't cancel this show.. Mariah is the person who has inspired me more than anyone and if she was here..the show would go on. 5 minutes later, the music started playing and I danced... I was told I did a beautiful performance and had 2 people ask me to come back and perform , I silently thanked you for being the inspiration ♥""

Adriana Arts

""Mariah is a wonderful Teacher. She makes dancing fun and exciting!! She is beautiful both inside and out!""

""Bellydance workshop with Maria was great!!! Went with my belly girls Chiquita and Rachel Poman and met other shimmy sisters there from my tribal and cabaret classes. Mariah aka Maria is an awesome dancer and instructor. She performed for us at the end of the workshop. It was amazing, beautiful and I was in awe. I saw her do things with her belly I've not seen before. A ripple move that had me spellbound. Purchased an awesome cd that we were dancing to, another to add to my bellydance music collection. We had a great time and after dinner and strawberry margaritas!!! Feelin' so blessed to have the women in my life that I do, dance and that I live in a country that I can go do what I want, when I want and bare my belly and dance to my hearts content if I so choose. Have bellydance fitness in the morning and a bellydance event and flea market in the afternoon to look forward. It's gonna be another great day! Hope you all had a great night. Wishing you sweet dreams that you awake from happy and smiling. Goodnight, love and light! — feeling so happy and incredibly blessed.""

Tina Elia